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Services Industry

The Challenge

Building a resilient service business is challenging

Building a resilient business is challenging, and most business leaders struggle to make their organization resilient enough to withstand disruption. Many eventually choose to ignore, or transfer the risk by purchasing insurance.  Having insurance, however, does not guarantee your business can recover from a disaster.  As a matter of fact 40% of businesses who experience a disaster never recover.

The Solution


We are different from other service providers.  Our solution encompasses all four fundamental aspects of any organization: Business, Technology, Facilities and People. We ensure your business remains operational under any circumstance.  We’re passionate about helping businesses thrive through any unforeseen incident. 

Our customized solutions and services go far beyond traditional disaster recovery solutions, they are specifically designed for the Small and Medium (SMB) services industry. Assess your Business Resiliency Maturity: BizResilience will grade your maturity based on 4 pre-determined resiliency categories: Business, People, Facilities and Technology.

  • Maintain operations and minimize financial impact during crisis
  • Protect assets and infrastructure
  • Enhance Stakeholders Peace of mind
  • Enhance reputation and consumer confidence
  • Meet Regulatory and Compliance requirements
  • Be recognized as a reliable and sustainable business partner
  • Attain resilience dividends via Business culture transformation

Leverage our unique methodology to determine your organization’s level of preparedness, the path to true business resiliency has never been easier.

BizResilience – making organizations impervious to disruptions for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

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