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Alternate Facilities

Recovery to keep your business going

The Challenge

Facilities disruption can put you out of business

90% of small to medium sized businesses do not have an alternate facilities solution to fall back on in the event of a facilities disruption.  A simple flood or power outage can put you out of business!

The Solution

BizResilience – Alternate Facilities

BizResilience has established a network of commercial property management companies throughout North America.  Through a comprehensive suite of services we combine technology and commercial real estate solutions to allow small and medium size businesses to have alternate facilities available to them following a disaster.

Through natural disasters, civil unrest or any major disruption – we’ll help keep you in business.

BizResilience provides clients with an array of Alternate Facility Solutions. We provide high quality, fully functional offices to relocate your staff in response to any business disruptive incidents. Our offices include Meeting rooms, multimedia equipment, administration services, etc.  

Our bundled services combine technology based solutions augmented with business grade office facilities to provide a turn-key solution for clients looking to ensure the business maintains standard business operation at all time.

BizResilience Facility Recovery: Enterprise business solutions for the SMB.

For more information please complete the form on the right , let an experienced BizResilience professional show you the way for comprehensive business resilience.

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