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Communication Resiliency

The Challenge

Communication is Key!

Telephony is a critical aspect of any business.  A disaster effecting your telephony systems may have devastating impact on your business.  Can your business afford this?

The Solution

A Resilient Telephony System

BizResilience provides a resilient telephony solution that will ensure restoration of your communication capabilities quickly and effectively according to the pre-defined continuity plan.  We understand the importance of communicating with your clients and have the right solution for you!

BizResilience offers enhanced business voice solutions servicing organizations of all sizes.  We strive to create predictable, resilient and positive client experience that has the following advantages:


  • Our solution is operating from multiple, highly available data centres.
  • Our platform is flexible and offers interoperability with a wide range of desktop handsets, soft-phones, and applications.
  • We use best-of-bread technology employing the de facto standard for IP-based voice communication.
  • Our SLA offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee

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