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Robust and Reliable Network

Our solutions are designed bring you some of the most reliable and high-capacity internet backbones in the industry. Our partners’ network consists of bi-directional OC-12 and OC-192 rings that extend throughout Canada and the United States. The network routes only IP traffic on our backbone and does not share network resources with other types of data such as fax or VOIP.  This means that your data never needs to share a network that is optimized for other services.

Our data center is a climate controlled, secure environment that is up and running 24x7x365 and delivers the highest level of security, reliability and fault tolerance. The data center sports an advanced HVAC temperature control system with separate climate zones, a sophisticated fire suppression system and multiple battery backups and power generators. Our state-of-the-art physical security features include 24×7 video surveillance, security breach alarms and secure card access.

The data center is staffed and monitored around the clock, year-round.  Our professional personnel are experienced at quickly resolving hardware and software issues. In addition, the latest network and server monitoring technology instantly detects problems and ensures that they are dealt with immediately.

The data center was designed to be reliable, high-performance, scalable and fault tolerant. The network backbone is built with Cisco equipment, the world leader in Internet network gear. Every part of the network, from switches to routers and firewalls, have a redundant “stand-in” that instantly becomes operational in the event of a hardware failure. As a result, most network problems result in no lost data or connections.

Beyond the edge routers, the network is completely switched and centers around a redundant gigabit fiber backbone. Extra fiber is pre-wired to each row, enabling addition of new capacity quickly to meet additional bandwidth requirements as needed.

The combination of a secure, climate controlled premises, fault tolerant network equipment and scalable, high-capacity architecture ensure that the data center is optimized for reliable transfer and safeguarding of data.

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