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Proactive Monitoring

We proactively monitor your backup jobs on an ongoing basis. You’ll instantly receive automated email alerts if a job doesn’t complete properly. In the event of a failure or other issue, a service ticket will be opened in our support system and our technical support team will be at your service if you need further assistance. Here are the key benefits:


Improve Productivity

Having an automated service that proactively provides comprehensive reports on the status of your backups saves time, energy and the resources that would have to be consumed actually monitoring your system, addressing issues whose warning signs were missed, picking up the pieces of a backup failure or worse.

Proactive Monitoring drastically reduces the risk of minor issues developing into a crisis with serious implications and possibly unrecoverable losses to productivity.

Proactive Monitoring will also help improve performance and alert your Company to equipment issues on a day-to-day basis.


Improve Reliability

By identifying and remotely addressing issues before they develop into significant problems, your backup system will operate more efficiently and provide you with more reliable restores.


Peace of mind

By having one less thing to worry about you are free to concentrate on your business.  We will watch your backups and ensure your data is protected.

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